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Floor Cleaning Services

Freshen Up Your Home or Business with Outdoor Patio and Deck Washing

The most obvious benefit of outdoor patio and deck washing is that it makes the treated areas look fresh and new. However, there are other benefits, as well. Deck and patio sealers and stains need clean surfaces for proper adhesion. Cleaning outdoor features also eliminates accumulations of algae and mold that would pose serious trip hazards if allowed to remain. Getting rid of mold also helps to stop wooden decks from rotting.

Outdoor patio and deck washing are forms of floor cleaning services, so some companies offer this service along with services for cleaning interior floors. However, since outdoor floors are weatherproof, the methods used are typically different. Outdoor decks can be pressure-washed, treated with strong chemicals, and otherwise treated in ways that interior flooring cannot usually handle.

Indoors, tile floor cleaning services can still involve some strong treatments, such as wax strippers, which are applied to get rid of old, yellowed wax. However, the amount of water used inside is far less than what can be put onto a deck.

Floor cleaning services involving hardwood don't get any harsh treatments except as part of a refinishing project. For normal cleaning, wood-friendly cleansers are used in order to protect and enhance the existing finish. It is very important to use the right cleaners on a hardwood floor so that it will not need refinishing for years to come.

No matter what type of floor cleaning you need, be sure to hire professionals who have experience with your flooring material. This will ensure that the right cleansers are used, and in turn, that will make sure that the floor gets clean without damaging its finish or the underlying material.

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