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Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Professional Covid-19 Disinfecting/Sanitizing Lets You Open in Peace

Commercial establishments have been opening back up, but those who have done so often face lingering concerns about whether or not they are free of Covid-19 virus particles. If you run a company, you have likely thought of this yourself. Even with precautions, someone carrying the disease may come in and contaminate the indoor environment. What can you do to reduce the ongoing risk?

One way to ensure that your business is safe at opening time is to have a company come in during the off-hours to do professional Covid-19 disinfecting/sanitizing. This will ensure that everything is free of germs when you open the next day.

Hiring a professional is better than simply expecting your usual staff to do the work. The pros know which areas to focus on, have disinfecting agents that get into tiny areas, and perhaps most importantly, aren't in a rush to just get the work over with in order to go home.

If your establishment has hardwood floors, it's a great idea to get regular hardwood floor cleaning along with a professional Covid-19 disinfecting/sanitizing. This will ensure that your floor looks as clean and sanitary as it actually is. It's also more efficient to do multiple types of cleaning in one visit, so the costs may be a bit lower.

Hardwood floor cleaning involves more than simply dry-mopping it as usual. Grit that has been ground in between the planks will be removed, and soaked-in stains can be treated. A hardwood maintenance system leaves the floor looking shiny and new.

To learn more about these and other cleaning options, contact Boise Carpet & Floor Care. This company serves the area in and around Boise, Idaho.

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